I want to be your photographer.

Hi! I’m Laura. I started my journey in photography when I was in college. I took one photography class and I was hooked! I got my BS in Business, but never stopped taking pictures for people. After moving to GA, I decided to concentrate solely on my photography business. I love to travel and spend time with my family. God has given me so much…I am eternally grateful to him. I know this is what he wants for my life.

My life as a photographer started at college in 1998. My specialty was “old-school” black & white with a totally manual camera…and I loved it! Especially being in the darkroom. I would spend full weekends in the darkroom printing my creations. Since then, digital photography has exploded and I have learned how to use digital cameras. My new darkroom is software…mainly Photoshop. I love the excitement of the photographic industry! I’m constantly learning new techniques and creating new types of images. My passion is endless!! I am an artist. I am a photo-journalist. I am a humanitarian. I am Laura Roush.

Art has always been a part of me. My mother was an art teacher for 30 years. She passed down her creativity to me. The most important expression of art for me is through photography. My favorite things to photograph are combinations of shapes and textures.

Life is so full of joy! It goes by so fast sometimes…you feel compelled to document it. Grab the camera! Memories can easily be forgotten without pictures. Pictures tell the story of our lives. Our children and grandchildren will thank us one day for those memories we shared with them.

People are so interesting to me. We all have our own individual personalities. Whether you are shy, moody, happy, or just plain crazy…that’s you. I love bringing out a client’s personality in their session. It makes their pictures priceless to their loved-ones.








Here are some highlights of my more recent shoots